1000 E 146th St Ste 218 Burnsville, MN 55337 (612) 414-5352 

  "Recruit, Train and Send to the Field!" Matthew 28:19-20


A Chicago native and an awesome Woman of God, Prophetess Toya L. Hart was the middle child of three, with two God-fearing parents, Randle & Bonnie Mahaffey, raised in a great family of ministers and anointed men & women of God. A woman of balance, Prophetess Hart is in holy matrimony to our Archbishop, 

His Eminence Robert L. Hart Jr., mothers six (6) young adults and nine (9) grandchildren.

Under the direction of God, Archbishop & Prophetess Hart was given the vision “Recruit, Train and Send to the Field” to incorporate, birth and Pastor True Vine Fellowship Ministries on December 9, 2007

On June 26, 2014, while at a Holy Convocation in Chicago, Illinois, Prophetess Hart was chosen by God and received the five-fold anointing of Prophetess by laying of hands of Prophetess Dr. Cheryl Walker-Farmer of Norcross, Georgia. On August 5, 2017, she was ordained to the five-fold ministry of Prophetess in Cleveland, Ohio. 

On September 3, 2017, she was installed and ordained as Co Pastor of True Vine Fellowship Ministries by her husband and her Archbishop His Eminence Robert L Hart Jr, Presiding Primate of Redemptive Life Deliverance International.

Through the voice of the Lord Yahweh, Prophetess Hart birth The Sistahs of the Ship Women Group, serving not just the women in our congregation and fellowship, but women all over the earth. 

Prophetess Hart has been appointed as Ambassador to the House of Elects and through prayer and supplication, helped birth and orchestrate along with her husband His Eminence Archbishop Robert L. Hart Jr., Redemptive Life Deliverance International. 

Prophetess Hart is truly the backbone of this congregation and really keeps it all together.  She's actively involved throughout the community, making it her business to know everyone she encounters. She is fair, outgoing, will talk to anyone and will take hugs over hand shakes. As she continues seeking Jesus Christ, she serves Jesus in her every day walk.